Many of my writings have been published with a great help from From Bea, an editorial team in Tokyo, and I am contributing my doodlings to their e-magazine, BEA-Mail.

For the latest news and information on anything Liverpool, visit Scouse House. My past columns from BEA-Mail is available from here, as well as booking for my Beatles tour.

In 1967, Paul Saltzman photographed intimate moments of the Beatles in India. The resulting works are simply remarkable and they form a fantastic record of music history.

Kozo Fukuoka is an acclaimed photographer and has worked in various media in Japan. He is also a Beatles specialist and his marvellous images are shown in his website.

Domon is a licensed busker on the London Underground. His guitar is a breath of fresh air and makes the Tube trip tolerable and in fact, very nice.

Strange Desire Recordings is an independent label from a Japanese producer, Free Disco, based in London. The label is dedicated to the underground disco music.

Steve Eva is a Tyneside-based photographer. He captures the beauty of the nature and beyond.

S-KD is an educational consultancy offering a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of a student's education in the UK.